All You Need To Know About Artificial Grass Installation Houston

The trend of installing artificial turf is growing quite significantly in modern homes. With drastic improvement in technology, synthetic grass is now more durable & natural looking than ever. Best of all, now you don’t need to think about weeding, watering, and mowing and instead relish a gorgeous, lush-looking lawn round the year. But before you start looking for artificial grass installation in Houston, ensure you know about this lawn enhancement procedure.

What synthetic turf is made from?

The actual green blade of synthetic grass is comprised of a polyethylene substance, a typical form of plastic that can be found in items like plastic bags and bottles. The polyethylene avails in a rigid pellet form & is heated down alongside any colour tones and UV resistant additives.

The roofing layer of synthetic turf is made from a polypropylene, polyethylene or nylon material. It gives the turf with an extra layer of support & blade recovery.

How long does synthetic turf last?

Though no certified manufacturer guarantees synthetic grass to last more than 8 years, top-quality synthetic turf can last between ten to fifteen years relying upon the wear & tear.

What is the best synthetic turf for me?

There’re innumerable ranges of turf on the market. Today you can select the best match as per your climate & sense of style. The most critical thing to consider is deciding how you’ll use the space. This’ll help you find the most apposite blade structure for your synthetic turf.

For instance, kids’ play areas need a soft thin blade structure that creates a comfy texture, whereas daycares, kennels and dog-runs require a stronger blade to endure the heavy traffic and use.

What makes synthetic turf so useful is that you can make use of a wide variety to match your needs. To make sure you avail the correct grass for the correct areas, ensure to take advice from a synthetic turf expert.

What to do if one part of my turf is damaged:

Synthetic turfs are designed to withstand the daily wear and tear. But accidents can still happen. Someone may drive over your lawn, or perhaps the children decide to dig a hole to China. Regardless of the case, you don’t need to be worried! This is the best thing about synthetic grass. If a part becomes damaged, you can remove it and replace it with a new one. This is why most homeowners like to keep a few extra patches in their garage in case of accidental damage.

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Ten Small but Important Things to Observe in Artificial Lawn Installation

One of the most popular uses for artificial lawn is adding it at-home and making it green. And why not? Yes, artificial lawn installation requires a specialized skill. They create an innovatively, designed green place for your family to have fun or make the ambiance appealing. It not only elevates the look of any home but adds unbeatable value to properties as well. Professional artificial lawn installation experts bring state-of-the-art, artificial grass putting green designs right to your backyard. But there are a few important things they should concern while doing your artificial lawn installation.

Insufficient excavations: The best approach to long-lasting artificial grass installation is just as much about getting the groundwork right. Incomplete excavation of your lawn will be resulting in an uneven lawn.

Failure to excavate soft spots- After excavating your existing lawn, check the subgrade/soil for weak spots. Soft spots begin to sink under your body weight. You can check this by walking over the exposed earth. Excavate the offending site and backfill with sub-base material. Failure to remove soft spots may potentially threaten damage or lawn sinking.

Failure to install a weed membrane: Never forget to add a weed membrane as the base. There’s a strong possibility of growing weeds through your artificial grass lawns. It benefits you and you will no longer have to deal with weeds.

Inadequate sub-base installation- artificial lawn installation involves two layers of aggregates that need to be installed before laying the artificial grass. The first among them is the sub-base that gives your artificial lawn the strength to handle foot traffic & its weight. It is also helpful in the proper draining of water. To calculate how much sub-base material, it is wise to assist a professional artificial grass installation team.

Inadequate compaction of sub-base- After leveling the sub-base, the next step is to ensure that it is adequately compacted. Using the vibrating plate compactor is wise before spreading the laying course material. Failure to do it will be resulting in an uneven finish to the surface of your lawn.

Uneven laying course: It is essential to use the correct form of aggregate to ensure proper compaction and remove the dangerous places. It provides the surface is perfectly flat before laying the grass.

Failure to install an appropriate edge restraint- The common mistake in the artificial lawn installation is installing an edge restraint. It is truly an essential aspect of artificial grass installation. It prevents the lawn from collapsing at the edges and giving an anchoring point to secure the grass bed’s perimeter!

Pile facing the wrong direction- When you look closely, you will find all artificial grass has a slight pile direction. It’s essential to ensure that the pile direction on both turf rolls is facing the same way. Professional artificial lawn installation ensures the pile meets in the same order on each roll to avoid a visible join.

Poor drainage system- A low drainage system will most certainly lead to pools of water accumulating every time it rains. It will show the water to be sitting under your lawn for days. Installing some drainage underneath it will be the trick.

Choosing low-quality artificial turf- Choosing the appropriate artificial grass lawns can have a potential error for most. Selecting the best synthetic grass lawn rolls can be comfortable with the assistance of a professional installer. They provide a vast array of pile heights, colors, materials, and manufacturing processes to make the artificial grass installation last for longer.

The professional at American Greens will take away many of the potential stress involved in the process of artificial lawn grass installation. They handle everything from start to finish and advise you on the best products to suit your needs. To know more about artificial lawn installation, call them at (877)408-3636 today!

Why Artificial Golf Green Installation Is So Famous!

Golf is one of the calmest, independent, and most participated in sports, and anyone can do it. It’s an excellent way to unwind from hectic lives. To become a great golfer, you must need practice, technique, and have patience. However, another essential part of golf is where you play? Many golf enthusiasts like to play at private golf clubs or use a community course. Still, some people prefer to install a high-quality home golf green on their property to improve game skills. You can add the best from a wide range of artificial home golf green grass based on the use. It is also helpful in enhancing the aesthetic appearance of your property. Let’s find why artificial golf green installation is so popular!

Make the ambiance appealing.

Are you looking for a relaxing way to wind down your evenings? Or are you a dedicated golfer determined to take some strokes off your short game besides your home? Artificial golf green installation could be a great move. With the right knowledge, you can install a putting green that feels great to play on and perfects your swing!

Cost of installation.

There are so many factors that go into the cost of designing and installing the home golf green. Firstly, it includes the team you choose to hire and the complexity of your design. Most of the installation cost is based on the pre-existing state of your garden. Existing, high-quality grass could be much cheaper than installing a brand new home golf green. But it won’t last for long, or you may wait for the grass to grow. Artificial golf green installation, on the other hand, is available all year round. It can be an inexpensive way to keep the place green for longer.


Is there any maintenance involved with home golf green? Yes, there is some maintenance needed. But in most cases, it involves just keeping it clean from debris with the use of a leaf blower. Plenty of golf enthusiasts opt for artificial grass in their place because they’re easy to maintain, look attractive, and perform well.

Fit in any location

One thing you must note is the location where you want to install the home golf green. For example, if your garden doesn’t receive much sunlight or that the soil lacks sufficient nutrients, it is not wise to use natural grass. Most of you may not be happy to maintain the dirt and grass yourself. Adding home golf green has the edge, though, as it can be placed anywhere and won’t need sunlight or maintenance to stay pristine and beautiful year-round.


Nothing beats the appearance and atmosphere of a fine-looking home with a green lawn. It requires a lot of time and dedication to maintaining it properly. The natural grass can quickly wear down and lead to cause other issues while pets or children are running all over the green. It is durable and takes a lot longer to wear down. So how long does artificial golf green last? Most companies give a ten-year warranty on the artificial golf green installation. However, if you have a perfect climate, then the home golf green should last even longer. Are you planning on getting a lot of practice sessions? Then artificial grass is probably the best way to go.

Excellent drainage capacity

Artificial golf green is not only easy to maintain but brings an extraordinary appearance to your place. Water, rain, and snow do not have any effect or harm on such home golf green. It has excellent drainage capacity, which allows people more time to use the grass areas. It is designed to hold shots from 10 to over 200 yards away and react like a real green. 

Artificial golf grass requires low maintenance and gives you a consistent performance level after it’s been installed. If you don’t have the time to keep a real lawn in tip-top condition, then artificial golf green installation is better. Do you have a project for artificial golf green installation? Then contact American Greens by calling on (877)408-3636 today!

3 Reasons to Install an Artificial Putting Green Kit in Your Backyard

Golf is one of the most participated and loved sports in America. It is a great way to unwind and relax away from our busy schedules.

The sports appeals to people of every age group and more and more golfers are practicing their skills from the comfort of their own home.

With more and more people across the country preferring artificial putting green kits installation because of its many advantages, there has also been a sharp increase in the amount of custom artificial golf putting greens being installed.

But why are so many people choosing backyard putting green kit to install? In today’s post, we will look at 5 of the reasons why. It looks like there are only 3 reasons below?

  1. Practice your putting skills at the drop of a hat.

So you finally managed to find a few quiet minutes for yourself? Why not utilize that time for putting practice? With our artificial putting green kits, you can squeeze in a few minutes of practice at the drop of a hat. Simply grab your putter and off you go.

  1. It saves you time.

With busy family life and longer and longer working hours, we all are in a rush every day. The amount of time we get during the week for leisure activities is minimal. And in such an instance, to squeeze in a bit of practice for your favorite game may feel like a dream.

However, with your practice area in your backyard, it will take you seconds to get out of your back door and onto your putting green. It increases the little free time you have and that extra practice you put on will start to show when you are out on the course.

  1. It saves you money.

Backyard putting green kits are far more affordable than custom installed putting greens. A kit also provides the same performance and look as a custom green, while providing a significant cost savings. These kits are turn-key to include everything a custom green has to offer without the disruption of a full blown construction project.

Yes, there’s an initial outlay for artificial putting green kit installation, but as compared to custom options, this is the most complete way to achieve a backyard golf oasis for the least amount of money. Of course, a backyard putting green will also provide a boost to your property value too. You will find that you have saved a huge chunk of money when compared to a custom putting green, all while providing fun for the whole family and improving your game. Isn’t it a win-win situation?

Choosing to install artificial putting green kits in your backyard is a great investment in your property. Both golfers and non-golfers will have hours of fun playing on their very own backyard artificial putting green. There will be no more ‘rain stops play’ or having to waste money and time driving to your nearest golf club, either.

With so many advantages, no wonder why more and more homeowners are choosing to install artificial putting green kits.

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Do You Want Artificial Putting Green Installation? Facts About Golf Turf You Should Know

For a real golf enthusiast, improving their game requires constant practice and takes great dedication and patience. Not to mention the money spent on hefty greens fees and country club memberships. Fortunately, artificial putting green installation presents an easy solution. With endless ways to customize synthetic turf, you can achieve the artificial putting green of your dreams inside or outside your own home. There are a few key facts you should know before any synthetic grass installation. 

  1. Easy to Customize

One of the main benefits of artificial putting green installation is the ability to customize the material to meet your desired area. From the color, to the hatching or texture, you can personally choose almost every element of the turf used. Also, there are endless possibilities with undulation and slope. You can achieve your very own dream green. Synthetic grass has come a long way today, and the materials used are incredibly high-quality. Instead of the stiff, bright green plastic that was customary in the past, advancements in technology have allowed for the creation of turf for golf that looks and feels just like the real thing.  

  1. Indoor and Outdoor Installation

Whether you want to work on your stroke indoors during the colder months of the winter or practice in the sun, artificial putting green installation can be installed anywhere. Accessibility and convenience are the keys when it comes to choosing synthetic grass and the artificial turf installation process is a breeze. You will be amazed at how much more you practice when quality putting green is installed right outside your door. 

  1. Improve Your Game

Playing golf requires hours and hours of practice. When you choose to install artificial turf on your property, finding opportunities to practice could not be easier. High-quality artificial turfs are made to mimic the movement and composition of real grass, so, you can practice efficiently without leaving the comfort of your home. The year-round playability means constantly improving your skills, without waiting for the weather to clear up. 

  1. Low Maintenance

Natural greens require endless attention and care, which can become expensive and time-consuming. Between mowing, fertilizing, and watering, the lawn price tag can speed up. For other properties that require the services of landscaping crews, the costs can add up even more. With an artificial putting green installation, you do not have to worry about mowing the grass or watering it. Also, they require virtually no maintenance and are budget, and environmental-friendly. Other added benefits are resilience and durability of artificial grass, resistant to holes and bumps and will stay pristine for decades. 

If you are ready for custom artificial putting green installation at your home, our experts at American Greens can help. We provide high-quality synthetic turf for maximum customizability to create the golf green you have been dreaming of.