7 Maintenance Tips after Artificial Putting Green Installation in Your Backyard

Are you done with your artificial putting green installation? A backyard putting green creates endless hours of fun for everyone, especially golf lovers. But do you have any idea how to maintain your artificial putting green? An artificial putting green installed in your backyard indeed remains green and presentable throughout the year with low maintenance. Caring for putting green turf involves proper day-to-day management to enhance its functionality and look.

Artificial Putting Green Installation

Here are some simple maintenance tips to maintain the quality look and feel of the artificial putting green turf.

1. Handling the Mild Stains:
What to do if a plate goes tumbling to the ground at a backyard barbeque, a pet leaves its mark somewhere in the yard, or an alcoholic beverage spilled over? For mild stains like cola, alcohol, pet urine, coffee, tea, and other simple everyday substances, cleaning is relatively simple.

– Be prompt in cleaning up a spill quickly. It is the best way to ensure that the spill won’t leave a long-lasting, stubborn stain.

– Soak up the spilled liquid with a dry absorbent like kitty litter or use a towel.

– Rinse the area with a mixture of a mild household detergent and water. Do not worry; it will not harm the artificial putting green turf.

2. Removing the Stubborn Stains:
What can cause stubborn stains on your backyard artificial putting green? Substances like cooking oil, crayon, pen ink, grease, and suntan oil can leave behind stubborn stains. You can rinse the area with a mixture of 3% solution of ammonia in water to get the best results. If a stain doesn’t respond to an ammonia mixture, try using mineral spirits to draw out the stain from the artificial putting green turf. You can gently rinse the area with mineral spirits and blot up the excess liquid to make the putting green turf stain-free.

3. Picking up the Sticky Stuff:
What if you find a tree sap or chewing gum stuck in artificial turf? It can be a bit frustrating for you. But luckily, it is relatively easy to remove the sticky stuff from your putting green turf. Use dry ice or aerosol refrigerants to freeze the sap or gum off.

4. Managing the Pet Solid Waste
Do you have pets? Having pets doesn’t mean you must constantly clean your artificial grass turf! To maintain the putting green turf in its best condition, clean up of pet waste properly. Before you remove the solid waste, allow it to dry. Clean the area after removing the pet solid waste.

5. Doing Routine Maintenance
Artificial putting green turf owners should follow a few routine steps to maintain its quality and longevity. Follow a routine of clearing the grass of debris, cross brushing, and rinsing. It helps artificial turf achieve a long, useful lifespan.

6. Using the Right Equipment
For routine maintenance and care for your artificial putting green turf, use the right and a few essential tools.

– A hose is less required but still helpful for rinsing the grass when needed.

– A leaf blower or a lawn vacuum is also helpful for removing fallen leaves.

– A rake is essential to keep the fibers of the putting green turf fresh and unmated.

7. Cleaning, Rinsing, Brushing- Do Regularly
To take care of your artificial putting green on a routine basis, follow these steps:
– Remove debris from the grass. It is essential after high winds or thunderstorms. By removing branches, leaves, and other debris, you protect the putting green turf from damage.

– Rinse the putting green turf regularly. It helps in removing dust and pollen.

– Brush the grass in high-traffic areas. Cross brushing helps the artificial grass avoid becoming matted and keeps it looking fresh, strong, and beautiful.

Your backyard artificial putting green needs a little but the best care and maintenance to keep it in optimal shape. By following simple tips for cleaning and maintenance, you can achieve a beautiful, long-lasting, and greener backyard artificial putting green turf.

For professional artificial putting green installation, rely on American Greens! We are the leaders in providing highly durable synthetic putting greens. To know more about our products and installation services, call us today at (877) 408-3636!

Building a Backyard Putting Green

A Guide to Building a Backyard Putting Green on Concrete Surface

The best thing about artificial putting green turf is that you can install it over almost any surface with ease. How about building a backyard putting green on concrete?

Installing an artificial putting green turf on concrete is an excellent option for a small putting area, play area, patio, and more. With the right type of padding and infill, the artificial putting green turf offers a better look and feel than the natural alternative.

Reasons to Cover the Concrete Surface with Artificial Putting Green:

  • For a better look: If you want to convert your boring concrete surface into something interesting, installing artificial putting green is the best option. It looks vibrant and creates an evergreen impact.
  • Get a non-slip surface: Ice, moss, algae, or mud build-up makes concrete slippery. Concrete requires constant maintenance to make it a non-slip surface. Installing artificial putting green turf offers a low-maintenance non-slip surface that saves you money and keeps you safe. Maintenance for the artificial putting green is limited to keeping it clean, brushing, and avoiding damages with furniture or substances.
  • Affordable: If you want to improve your concrete, artificial putting green turf is an affordable option and fast to install.

Here are the basic steps to lay artificial grass on concrete.

Assess the Area:

Check that the concrete on which you are laying the artificial putting green turf drains water properly. It is essential as it will help to prevent any drainage issue of water from the artificial grass. If the concrete does not have proper drainage, drill holes into the ground to give the water a suitable place to drain. Do not make big holes: 16mm would be ideal. After the holes are made, fill those with pea gravel. It ensures that the water can escape and be absorbed.

Clean the Area:

Before installing, inspect that the concrete is a smooth surface. Any loose stones could damage the artificial putting green turf. It is best to brush the concrete surface to remove any debris. When installing and laying artificial grass on concrete, it is essential to check that the concrete surface has been brushed up and cleaned thoroughly. It helps to avoid any ground imperfections that may show through the grass.

Install Shock pad:

Installing a shock pad underneath the artificial green putting turf offers a soft landing. You can also double up the padding and infill materials to get a natural look and enjoy a better cushion that prevents injuries if someone falls.

Lay the Artificial Green Putting Turf:

Roll out the artificial putting turf onto the clean area and make sure it is fixed in place. Once the turf settles down, trim the edges carefully to get the perfect shape. Glue the edges and stick down the joints as per the requirement.

Brush it up:

Use a stiff-bristled broom to push the fibers of the artificial green turf into the upright position.

Building a backyard putting green becomes fast and convenient with American Greens. We offer top-quality artificial putting green turfs and provide industry-standard installation services at the most affordable prices. Allow our experts to handle your project with great care and perfection! Contact us today at (877) 408-3636!

Artificial Putting Green Installation

How to Get People to Like Artificial Putting Green Installation?

Do you want to get the most out of the artificial putting green installation in your backyard? It is essential to be aware of a few things that can enhance your artificial green turf installation experience. As a homeowner, you would love to have a beautiful synthetic turf putting green in your backyard.

Create a Natural Surface

If you want to create the most natural putting green surface, give attention to the base under the synthetic turf. Make sure to shape the putting green turf to incorporate undulations, tiers, and left and right breaks. It gives the look and feel of a natural putting green.

Give Attention to Fight Mold and Mildew

A little but consistent maintenance is a must to enhance the artificial putting green’s optimal performance and lifespan. Putting greens are susceptible to mold and mildew growth due to lack of turf backing perforations for drainage. Never let the moisture builds up in shaded areas of the putting greens. Treat your artificial green turf’s surface promptly to remove and prevent mold or mildew build-up.

Keep Surfaces Clean and Pristine

It is essential to maintain your artificial putting greens by clearing debris and dirt. Regular cleaning and maintenance of artificial putting greens leave them in pristine condition.

Long Lifespan of Artificial Putting Greens

You can expect your artificial putting green turf to perform well for 8 to 10 years. A little but regular maintenance can offer you the best results.

Enjoy Awesome Backyard Games

What do you think! Artificial putting green turf is not for you if you are not a golfer! No, it is not!! By installing an artificial putting green turf in your backyard, you can enjoy any backyard game, like bocce ball, basketball, and more. 

Family Time:

A backyard putting green is a great way to get outside with your family and spend time, relax and enjoy. It is safe for your kids and pets to play around and have a good time. Your kid can be a great putter before he is strong enough to reach the green in one shot.

The combination of a high-quality artificial putting green turf and professional installation service can make you fall in love with the greens installed in your backyard.

Are you ready for artificial putting green installation for your home? Rely on American Greens to get the best design for installing the perfect putting green for your home.

When planning to install an artificial green putting turf at your home, allow us to provide you the best service.  Give us a call today at (877) 408-3636 to get in touch with our experts! We are ready to handle your queries related to our artificial golf green turf and its installation process. At American Greens, we aim to provide you customized solutions as per your requirement and budget.

5 Reasons Why People Like Artificial Golf Green Installation

Every golfer wants to perfect their technique with continuous practice. Artificial golf green installation in the backyard has become a growing trend among golf enthusiasts that allows them to practice more. People across the country are choosing to install artificial golf green and enjoy the perks. 

Here are the five reasons that attract more and more people to install artificial golf green in their backyard.

  1. Practice Your Putting Skills

Did you manage to find a few quiet minutes for yourself? How about utilizing your time for some putting practice?

Having your artificial putting green provides you the comfort of practicing the game and improving the skills.

  1. Get Enough Time for the Game

In this fast-paced world, we are always in a rush. Longer working hours and busy family lives leave a little time during the week for leisure activities. To reach your nearest golf course, you may have to drive for 30 minutes or more. But by installing an artificial putting green in the backyard, you get enough time for both your game and family. It helps in maximizing the little free time that you have.

  1. Cut down The Costs

Compared to natural grass turf, installing artificial golf green is a great investment that cuts down maintenance costs. Also, artificial putting green boosts the value of your property. Having an artificial golf green turf in the backyard helps you avoid the membership fees for the country golf clubs. No doubt you save money in the long run by installing artificial putting green.  

  1. Adds Value to Your Property

Do you know that a home putting green would appeal to a lot of potential buyers? It can help your property to stand out from the crowd. The increased demand for your home makes it likely to fetch a higher price. It makes installing an artificial golf green in your backyard a fantastic investment.

  1. Creates a Beautiful Space for Entertaining Family & Friends

Having your very own home artificial golf putting green provides a beautiful space to have fun and enjoyment with your family and friends. You can even set up a crazy golf course for your guests to attempt and maximize the fun.  It’s also a great way to encourage the kids to get outside and play safely under the sun.

Choosing to install an artificial golf putting green in your backyard is a fantastic investment. With so many benefits, you would love to install an artificial putting green in the backyard. If you want custom-designed artificial golf green installation, rely on American Greens. We can install a fully custom-designed artificial putting green turf as per your requirement and budget. 

Contact us today at (877) 408-3636 to know more about our affordable and top-quality artificial putting green or turf installation services!

Artificial Golf Green Installation for Your Home By American Greens

If you are an enthusiastic golf lover, you know the importance of your short game skills. At American Greens, we offer both indoor and outdoor putting greens as options for your very own artificial golf green installation to practice right at home. Once your putting green is professionally installed by American Greens you will quickly realize the benefits of having your very own artificial putting green turf installed in your home, office, or backyard. We’ve made not only possible to enhance your game and skill set in the comfort of your home or business.

It takes practice, technique, and patience to become a great golfer. However, there’s another essential part of golf to consider – where you practice. Many opt to play at private golf clubs, many at a community course, and many still find that an artificial green install on their property is exactly what they need to improve their game. Every golfer should consider installing artificial golf green to practice their short game and boost their curb appeal in the process. These greens provide family entertainment like none other! The whole family will be able to enjoy the beautiful look and performance for years.

Artificial putting greens at American greens are known to provide the assimilation of the look and feel of real golf greens. Best of all, the putting greens are top dressed, which allows for a spin and natural ball reaction that mirrors a natural turf green. We efficiently handle every aspect of artificial turf installation with the key installation steps including:

  1. Material ordering and delivery
  2. Equipment and machinery requirement
  3. Sod removal
  4. Base laying and compacting
  5. Turf cutting and laying
  6. Cup cutting and concreting
  7. Infill spreading
  8. Surface rolling
  9. Clean up and finishing touches

Our greens can also be installed indoor. Our indoor artificial golf green installation at your residence will give you years of entertainment and the ability to improve your game without stepping outside your home. It can be appealing to golfers in colder climates where the weather prohibits playing outdoor. An artificial putting green is a great addition to your property whether it is a residential or commercial community. American Greens is the industry leader in artificial putting greens, and we will recommend you the best quality that best matches your home.

Purchasing an indoor or outdoor artificial putting green is the best way to stay on top of the game year-round. Golfers nationwide have also discovered the flexibility of American Greens indoor and outdoor putting turf is versatile for their needs and the seasonality many experience.

Contact American Greens today for further information on our artificial golf green installation. You can give us a call at (877) 408-3636 or write to us at info@american-greens.com

6 Unique Ideas For Artificial Grass Install

Want a picture-perfect lawn? Maybe an artificial grass install is an answer! It solves watering, weeding, and fertilizing woes. But how perfect it is?

More and more people are now moving from real grass to artificial turf and it is creating ripples in the interior design sector. It inculcates life into one’s home with green without the difficulty of actual grass maintenance. Also, with its increase in usage, artificial golf green is becoming a personal favorite among Americans.

Let us tell you some other ways how you can use it at home.

Previously, artificial golf green was only for vivid golfers to play gold whenever they want irrespective of the weather and season. But recently, many homeowners have started using it in various corners of their homes. It is best for spaces where grass cannot grow or where maintenance of grass is next to impossible. It is flexible, eco-friendly, and so much more!

Artificial Grass Idea #1: Balcony

The obvious corner of your home – the balcony is the ideal spot to start with when it comes to artificial grass install. Who does not love a lot of greenery in their balcony, and if it comes with zero maintenance then it is just perfect. It will give your balcony floor a face-lift of sorts!

Artificial Grass Idea #2: The Deck

If you are lucky enough to have a large deck area and want to divide it into zones, then an artificial grass install will be of great help. You can install artificial grass in your seating area to separate it from the rest of the space. This will give an interesting touch to the regular look of that zone.

Artificial Grass Idea #3: Staircase

Having artificial turf walls on the staircases is a great idea. You can patch it up with plants which will give an illusion of a vertical garden. This will playfully suggest a change in ambience.

Artificial Grass Idea #4: Foyer

An unusual but popular choice to install artificial turf in, the foyer can sport this trend in style. If the entire wall seems like a lot to pull off you can play around with patterns. You and your guests will feel refreshed as soon as entering inside.

Artificial Grass Idea #5: Kid’s Play Area

Artificial grass install is popular for being resistant to extreme pressure and harsh conditions. They are also soft on kids and that is what makes them an ideal option for the kid’s playing area. It is safe for kids and they will love playing on it as it gives a  significant area to mess around in.

Artificial Grass Idea #6: Bedroom

Does the bedroom sound like an ideal spot to install artificial turf? Well, it might just lit up the look of your entire room without much effort. A panel of artificial turf in any one corner will make you feel fresh every time you enter the room. You can match the interiors to create a soft green ambience to further elevate your senses.

Have these ideas inspired you for artificial grass install in your home? Well, what are your waiting for? Order them today!

Artificial Lawn Installation: Retaining a Beautiful Landscape for Your Surrounding

Grasses have become a unique natural piece for properties, owing to its aesthetic effect. Unfortunately, maintaining a green lawn can be quite challenging. The fact is that you need to keep the lawn low to avoid harboring pest. Moreover, it would help if you also kept retaining your colorful natural yard by constant watering. These are some of the activities that homeowners have to put up with while maintaining a natural lawn. However, opting for artificial lawn installation can make you bypass all the stress needed for maintaining a natural lawn. Perhaps, you are thinking of getting grass for your new property. Here are some of the beneficial highlights of choosing artificial grass lawns as the perfect fit for your surrounding.

  1. Affordability

One of the reasons why homeowners have to pay more for utility is because of lawn maintenance. To maintain the curb appeal for your property, you need to make water available for your grasses. Moreover, you need to mow your lawn when the grasses are overgrown. Unfortunately, you cannot stop at repeating these maintenance cycles to keep your grounds attractive. However, getting an artificial lawn installation can help homeowners cut down expenses from lawn maintenance.

  1. Durability

Natural grasses cannot withstand constant trampling for a long time. Therefore, if you happen to have neighbors around, you should not hesitate to consider artificial lawn installation. The fact is that artificial grass lawns are tough. Therefore, no amount of bodyweight on this grass can degrade its integrity. After all, this grass does not need water or sun to maintain its greenery.

Moreover, kids can have fun on this grass without damaging the surface. Interestingly, artificial grass lawns cannot give you a difficult time during laundering. The fact is that you never can tell the number of times your kids have slid on the grass. Therefore, keeping an artificial lawn can save you time in doing difficult laundries.

  1. Safety

The introduction of fertilizers to your natural lawn is ones of the ways to keep its green appearance. Unfortunately, you need to take precautions with fertilizer application because of your pets, kids or toddlers. The reason is that your pets or toddlers can be open to these chemicals in your absence. Therefore, to avoid contamination or skin irritation, you can opt for artificial lawn installation for your family’s safety.

Finally, you can embrace artificial grass lawns without missing out on the aesthetics that they offer. The fact is that you rest assured of paying less attention to maintenance whenever you choose this type of grass. Perhaps, you have a space that needs a quick artificial grass lawn fixing. All you have to do is call in today for more inquiries.

Why Is Synthetic Golf Greens So Famous?

Any golfer will agree that in order for you to be good at golf, they need to spend some time practicing your putting skills. But the issue that some golf players are faced with is that they can’t find time to practice either due to their busy schedules at work or because of some personal reasons. But the good news is that golf players can now practice their putting skills at whenever they wish to, right at the comfort of their own home & this is by means of the synthetic putting greens.

Synthetic putting greens, also called artificial putting greens, are ideal for golfers who want to be able to practice putting right at the comfort of their home. It’s basically a golfing device that allows the golfers to practice on their game without having to visit an actual golf course.

See a significant improvement in your performance:

One of the best reasons to install synthetic golf greens is because they’ll enhance your performance drastically. Naturally, artificial grass is the same material employed in golf clubs & golf courses, so rest assured that you will practice on the same materials as seasoned and pro golfers. Not to say, if you install in in your backyard, you can putt for as long as you like. Relying upon your turf area’s length, you can practice your shots with diverse clubs or swings without external stressors – like other golfers – getting in your way.

Increases play time:

Since artificial turf can be played on, on a regular basis, it has the added advantage of increasing playing time. There is absolutely no need to worry about damage to the turf. Season after season, golf green turf has the aptitude to remain consistent & uniform. After installation, there is no need to stay off synthetic turf. In fact, it can be played on almost instantly after it has been installed.

Increase the value of your home:

A top-quality, artificial grass putting green is a necessary feature for homeowners in USA. A backyard putting green boosts curb appeal & tells potential buyers that they will be accountable for less lawn maintenance. USA is known for its gorgeous weather & stunning views, so homeowners will love the idea of having a built-in outdoor activity in their backyard.

Call American Greens now if you are looking to buy or install high-quality synthetic golf greens.

All You Need To Know About Artificial Grass Installation Houston

The trend of installing artificial turf is growing quite significantly in modern homes. With drastic improvement in technology, synthetic grass is now more durable & natural looking than ever. Best of all, now you don’t need to think about weeding, watering, and mowing and instead relish a gorgeous, lush-looking lawn round the year. But before you start looking for artificial grass installation in Houston, ensure you know about this lawn enhancement procedure.

What synthetic turf is made from?

The actual green blade of synthetic grass is comprised of a polyethylene substance, a typical form of plastic that can be found in items like plastic bags and bottles. The polyethylene avails in a rigid pellet form & is heated down alongside any colour tones and UV resistant additives.

The roofing layer of synthetic turf is made from a polypropylene, polyethylene or nylon material. It gives the turf with an extra layer of support & blade recovery.

How long does synthetic turf last?

Though no certified manufacturer guarantees synthetic grass to last more than 8 years, top-quality synthetic turf can last between ten to fifteen years relying upon the wear & tear.

What is the best synthetic turf for me?

There’re innumerable ranges of turf on the market. Today you can select the best match as per your climate & sense of style. The most critical thing to consider is deciding how you’ll use the space. This’ll help you find the most apposite blade structure for your synthetic turf.

For instance, kids’ play areas need a soft thin blade structure that creates a comfy texture, whereas daycares, kennels and dog-runs require a stronger blade to endure the heavy traffic and use.

What makes synthetic turf so useful is that you can make use of a wide variety to match your needs. To make sure you avail the correct grass for the correct areas, ensure to take advice from a synthetic turf expert.

What to do if one part of my turf is damaged:

Synthetic turfs are designed to withstand the daily wear and tear. But accidents can still happen. Someone may drive over your lawn, or perhaps the children decide to dig a hole to China. Regardless of the case, you don’t need to be worried! This is the best thing about synthetic grass. If a part becomes damaged, you can remove it and replace it with a new one. This is why most homeowners like to keep a few extra patches in their garage in case of accidental damage.

Get in touch with American Greens for anything related to artificial putting green grass. We would love to be your helping hand!

Ten Small but Important Things to Observe in Artificial Lawn Installation

One of the most popular uses for artificial lawn is adding it at-home and making it green. And why not? Yes, artificial lawn installation requires a specialized skill. They create an innovatively, designed green place for your family to have fun or make the ambiance appealing. It not only elevates the look of any home but adds unbeatable value to properties as well. Professional artificial lawn installation experts bring state-of-the-art, artificial grass putting green designs right to your backyard. But there are a few important things they should concern while doing your artificial lawn installation.

Insufficient excavations: The best approach to long-lasting artificial grass installation is just as much about getting the groundwork right. Incomplete excavation of your lawn will be resulting in an uneven lawn.

Failure to excavate soft spots- After excavating your existing lawn, check the subgrade/soil for weak spots. Soft spots begin to sink under your body weight. You can check this by walking over the exposed earth. Excavate the offending site and backfill with sub-base material. Failure to remove soft spots may potentially threaten damage or lawn sinking.

Failure to install a weed membrane: Never forget to add a weed membrane as the base. There’s a strong possibility of growing weeds through your artificial grass lawns. It benefits you and you will no longer have to deal with weeds.

Inadequate sub-base installation- artificial lawn installation involves two layers of aggregates that need to be installed before laying the artificial grass. The first among them is the sub-base that gives your artificial lawn the strength to handle foot traffic & its weight. It is also helpful in the proper draining of water. To calculate how much sub-base material, it is wise to assist a professional artificial grass installation team.

Inadequate compaction of sub-base- After leveling the sub-base, the next step is to ensure that it is adequately compacted. Using the vibrating plate compactor is wise before spreading the laying course material. Failure to do it will be resulting in an uneven finish to the surface of your lawn.

Uneven laying course: It is essential to use the correct form of aggregate to ensure proper compaction and remove the dangerous places. It provides the surface is perfectly flat before laying the grass.

Failure to install an appropriate edge restraint- The common mistake in the artificial lawn installation is installing an edge restraint. It is truly an essential aspect of artificial grass installation. It prevents the lawn from collapsing at the edges and giving an anchoring point to secure the grass bed’s perimeter!

Pile facing the wrong direction- When you look closely, you will find all artificial grass has a slight pile direction. It’s essential to ensure that the pile direction on both turf rolls is facing the same way. Professional artificial lawn installation ensures the pile meets in the same order on each roll to avoid a visible join.

Poor drainage system- A low drainage system will most certainly lead to pools of water accumulating every time it rains. It will show the water to be sitting under your lawn for days. Installing some drainage underneath it will be the trick.

Choosing low-quality artificial turf- Choosing the appropriate artificial grass lawns can have a potential error for most. Selecting the best synthetic grass lawn rolls can be comfortable with the assistance of a professional installer. They provide a vast array of pile heights, colors, materials, and manufacturing processes to make the artificial grass installation last for longer.

The professional at American Greens will take away many of the potential stress involved in the process of artificial lawn grass installation. They handle everything from start to finish and advise you on the best products to suit your needs. To know more about artificial lawn installation, call them at (877)408-3636 today!